Research & Development (R&D)

Research & Development (R&D)

Research & Development

As GENX we believe in the collaborative effort between the academia and the industry. We seek to establish the imperatives for academia industry.

Digital Twin, Lean Construction, Building Information Modelling, Modular Construction, Robotics in Construction, Future of High-rise Building, Computational Design Tools will have massive, long-term influences on the construction industry.


  • Super Tall vs. Super Sprawl - Foster Partners + TT
  • Robotics in Construction - CTBUH
  • Workflow Optimization - Conceptual Design
  • Digital Twin - Case Studies
  • Generative Design & AI - Integration to AEC
  • Construction in MARS - NJIT
  • NYU Academic Research - Construction Typologies& BIM Execution
  • AEC Tech Review - Sponsored Research on market analysis of AEC Technologies and new start ups.