About Us

About Us


About Us

GENx Design & Technology is a New York and Istanbul based modern innovation hub committed to take part in Industry 4.0. With partners around the world, GENx aims to provide BIM integrated project management solutions that are case specific.

Along with the advent of Industry 4.0, as GENx we thrive off of our research and collaborations with our professional and academic partners. We invest great importance in the concept of outcome and perceive it as not only a ‘product’ but also as a ‘process. We are a leading force behind leveraging aerospace and automotive technologies into the AEC Industry.

Our team has endeavored in High-Rise and Large-Scale projects with their BIM expertise and are leading ground breaking Generative Design and Automation through CATIA and 3DExperience platforms in locations such as Shanghai, Dubai, New York, Istanbul, Singapore, Mexico and Malaysia. Being actively present in all stages of the delivery process we focus extensively on our partners’ needs. We develop cost effective and case specific strategies and respond to our partners’ needs in an ingenious manner that is inclusive of all stakeholders’ concerns. 

In conjunction with our work on the field, we are committed to contributing to the academia in order to diminish the gap between the academia and the industry as we believe that the academic community plays a crucial role in the transformation of the AEC domain. 


We believe the answer to some of the biggest challenges lies in the natural human instinct to COLLABORATE